List Of Things To Do For Your 21st

  1. 22 Go on a limousine nightclub tour of New York's top bars and clubs
  2. 15 Have a 21st birthday party
  3. 15 Go to a strip club
  4. 13 Go on a bar crawl
  5. 11 Go shopping at the mall and find some nice outfits, then hit the clubs in the evening
  6. 5 Go to a waterpark
  7. 4 Go and see the Super Bowl
  8. 4 Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando
  9. 4 Watch an NBA basketball game
  10. 3 Go tornado hunting with a tornado tourism company in East America
  11. 3 Love your cars? Born in late spring? You could attend the Indy 500 in Indianapolis
  12. 3 Visit the best beach (as voted in 2007) - Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. It's unspoilt and only accessible by ferry or private plane.
  13. 3 Go to Walt Disney World in Orlando
  14. 3 Go to Universal Studios in Orlando
  15. 2 Go skiing on the rockies in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  16. 2 Hire a sporty car and go on a desert drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles
  17. 2 Go on a tandem skydive - it's the most breathtaking experience ever
  18. 1 If your birthday is in March why not go to the South by SouthWest music festival in Austin, Texas
  19. 1 Go and see a baseball game
  20. 1 Go and see the Barringer meteor Crater in Arizona
  21. 1 Go to Sea World
  22. 1 Go to the cinema
  23. 1 Go to Legoland
  24. 1 Watch a racing event at the Daytona International Speedway
  25. 1 Go to the zoo

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