List Of 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. 30 A traditional 21st birthday key
  2. 17 21 different and thoughtful presents to give them throughout the day
  3. 12 Buy a bottle of Champagne from their birth year
  4. 10 For girls only - a birthday sash and crown
  5. 5 A twenty dollar bill with a one dollar coin
  6. 4 Give them a check for $21 or $210 if you're feeling generous
  7. 4 Tickets to see their favorite singer or band perform
  8. 3 Buy them a 21 year old bottle of scotch
  9. 3 Champagne - you could even get them a personalized bottle to make it more special
  10. 1 Get them tickets to the Super Bowl
  11. 1 Give them an iTunes gift voucher
  12. 1 A ticket with 21 lines for the Powerball lottery
  13. 1 A nice brand bottle of whiskey, vodka, rum or gin
  14. 1 Tickets to a broadway show

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