Things to Do Now That You're 21

Things to Do Now That You're 21

Once you hit 21, you can do so much more and have more fun without having to hide in the shadows.  The milestone brings more privileges and opportunities to have fun with your friends.

Top 10 List Of Things to Do When You Turn 21

Make each day count, and experience the fun, as you never had the ability to do before. 

1. Go to nightclubs

After you turn 21, you will be getting into nightclubs without having to shell out a fake id that resembles your great aunt more than it actually looks like you.  No more pretending like your hair was dyed and you have lost 20 lbs.

2. Buy your own drinks

You won’t have to rely on anyone else to buy your booze for you.  Whenever you feel like it, you can go out and buy alcohol to consume at home, in a restaurant, or at the bar.  The fear of a minor consumption disappears as soon as the clock strikes 12 on the morning of your birthday.

3. Hit the casinos and gamble

The casino world changes dramatically when you turn 21.  Suddenly you will be able to stand around on the floor without fearing a security guard asking you to leave.  You can sit in front of a machine and enjoy free drinks all night.  In some states, you aren’t allowed to buy a lottery ticket after you turn 18, but when you turn 21, it all goes away.

4. Change your driver’s license

No more license probation!  You become an adult driver and you can change your picture to rid the license of your teenaged face and awkward smile.

5. Hit up the wine trails

You and your friends can sign up for a wine tour.  You can drink all the wine you want while being driven around in a party bus or limousine.

6. Rent a car (kinda)

You will be able to rent a car from some rental companies, but it still comes with daily fees until you are 25. 

7. Adopt a child

Yes, that’s right; you can legally adopt a child.  When someone turns 18, they can legally become a foster parent, but as a 21-year-old citizen, you can adopt. 

8. Chill on your parent’s health insurance plan

Thanks to the new healthcare law, you don’t have to get your own health insurance plan.  In fact, you can piggyback off of your parents’ plan until you are 26, even if you are married, living along, paying your own bills, attending school, and eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored plan.

9. Get married

It is legal to get married at 18, but in some states, if the couple is under the age of 21, the state still requires parental consent.

10. Buy weed in Colorado and Washington

Many states have legalized marijuana is some form, but recreational use is allowed in Washington and Colorado.  If you can prove you are 21, you can legally purchase recreational-use marijuana in the two states.


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