Forget Beer Pong! You're 21! Play 21-Cup Instead!

Forget Beer Pong! You're 21! Play 21-Cup Instead!

You are going to be 21 soon, and you have been following someone else’s rules for way too long.  Turning 21 is supposed to be an expression of yourself and a time for you to play by your own rules, so don’t do what everyone else does.  Put a new spin on tradition, and try something new: play 21-Cup this year.

Intro to 21 Cup

In traditional beer pong, participants can play individually or in teams of two players.  The 10 cups are situated in a triangle on each side of a long table, similar to bowling pins and billiards balls.  When playing traditional beer pong, everyone has to wait while a player tries to shoot a ball into an opponent’s cup.  If the player makes it in, the opponent has to drink, and the cup is removed from the table and rearranged by the opposing team.  Only two balls are thrown per round until the cups are all gone.  The games are similar, but the 21-Cup is like beer pong on steroids.  21-Cup kicks it up a notch and involves your entire crew.  Instead of using only 10 cups, 21-Cup requires 21 cups to maximize the intensity of the game and keep it going.  21-Cup is faster paced and constantly moving.  There is no lag time in between turns, and teams can have more players.  You keep shooting and drinking until the last cup is consumed.

What You Will Need

When you play 21-Cup for your 21st birthday, you will need a few things to get your game on.

  • 21 cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • Lots of beer
  • Two teams of 3 people

Step-by-Step Guide to 21-Cup

Five steps will get you started on your way to the conniving and vindictive game that is 21-Cup. 

  1. Set up 21 cups in a triangle on each side of the table.  If you really want to turn your enemy into a drunken slob, fill the middle cup all the way to brim with alcohol.  The remaining 20 cups should be halfway full of beer.
  2. Three team members choose “enemies” from the opposite team.  Each team member gets one ball and stands directly across from their opponent.  You are playing with two other people, but you are only concerned with your enemy. 
  3. If a player makes the ball into a cup on the other side, the opponent must drink the entire cup of beer before they can shoot.  If you shoot before the enemy finishes drinking, you have to re-shoot, and your shot doesn’t count if you made it the first time.  If your ball lands in the same cup as your teammate’s ball, both enemies have to drink a cup.
  4. If a player’s ball lands in the middle cup, the opponent must finish the ENTIRE cup of beer.  Just a heads up, if the cup falls off the table, it is still in play, and the opponent has to refill it and drink it up. 
  5. The team that gets rid of all of the cups first is the victors, and they advance to the next round.  If both teams duel at the end, with a one-on-one cup faceoff, and each team lands the shot at the same time, they all advance to the next round. 


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